If you’re sick of the treadmill, walk yourself on over to the rower. This machine goes overlooked, but it’s so good for your butt. Although rowing looks like a workout that’s mostly about pulling with the arms, your legs actually do most of the work. Correct form involves pushing into your heels as you glide your seat back, which not only helps target your tush and hamstrings, but will prevent back pain while rowing.
This workout incorporates rowing and two basic yet effective glute-growing exercises – dead lifts and squats. Rowing burns a crazy amount of calories (256 in 30 minutes!), and when coupled with these two strength-training moves, it’s an amazing workout to shape and grow your booty.
The Workout
Directions: Repeat this five-minute circuit six times for a total of 30 minutes. Choose a medium to heavy pair of dumbbells or use a barbell.
3 minutes of rowing at a moderate pace
40 seconds of dead lifts, 20 seconds rest
40 seconds of dumbbell squats, 20 seconds rest
Directions for each move are below.
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