Matthew Jussim
Christmas Day is around the corner, and the NBA is ready for a full-court press.
This year marks the 70th edition of Christmas games for the league, and for the 10th straight year fans will get to enjoy five games throughout the day.
The slate of matchups has something for everyone: Young stars like Ben Simmons, Kristaps Porzingis, and Joel Embiid; an NBA Finals rematch between the Cavs and Warriors; stars on new teams like Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony; and, of course, superstars like LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Durant doing amazingly athletic things on the court.
Three of the games are rematches from last season’s NBA playoffs—Cavs vs. Warriors, Rockets vs. Thunder, and Celtics vs. Wizards—but all five matchups feature teams playing against each other for the first time this season.
Here’s a look at the fittest players in each game, and everything you need to know about the Christmas Day matchups in the NBA.
(All records, stats, and results are as of games through Wednesday, December 20)