Spending the holidays with the family can be extremely stressful. For me, my family likes to wait a solid half-hour before asking me if I’m “seeing anyone," as if I don’t know they’ve been itching to ask me since we sat down. Whether it’s about school, relationships, or – worst of all – politics, family time is bound to get a little heated. Yes, the holidays are a time to celebrate, but they’re also a time of inevitable anxiety. As an anxiety-prone individual, I am always looking for a remedy, and preferably one that is legally sold in the state of New York, which is where CBD comes into play.
Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural component of cannabis said to relieve stress-related symptoms, but unlike THC, which is another component of cannabis, CBD is nonpsychoactive and won’t have you feeling "high." CBD has been known to calm nerves while flying and alleviate pain, and it even made one POPSUGAR editor’s family vacation go a lot more smoothly. CBD, often referred to by another editor as "liquid Xanax from Mother Nature," originates in oil form and can be dropped on skin or added to our snacks, our skincare, and even our vitamin gummies. Although there isn’t much scientific research out there yet proving that CBD is an effective treatment, many people have found all kinds of relief from using the product responsibly.
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There are a ton of CBD products out there, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Lord Jones, a company that sells high-end CBD-infused lotions and edibles, has unveiled two holiday gift boxes that will not only assuage the stress of the holidays, but will also make the decision of CBD shopping effortless. The company focuses on pain relief and wellness in its products, and the items in the boxes contain very little to no THC and only nonpsychoactive, hemp-derived ingredients.
The Lord Jones Holiday Elevate Gift Box ($125) contains a box of five pure CBD dark-chocolate espresso chews, which each have 20 milligrams of CBD; a box of nine pure CBD gumdrops, each with 20 milligrams of CBD (they’re Lemon- and Wild Strawberry-flavored); and Lord Jones’s signature pain-and-wellness formula body lotion. The lotion soothes muscle soreness, joint pain, and other bodily ailments in a delicious minty-green citrus scent. The 1.7-ounce bottle contains 100 milligrams of CBD, but each pump is measured to disperse 2 milligrams of CBD. The Lord Jones Holiday Levitate Gift Box ($100) contains the gumdrops and the healing lotion.
CBD affects everyone differently; make sure you’re not using CBD to replace any prescribed treatment or therapy, and speak to your doctor before giving it try. And if you have never dabbled in the all-natural greatness that is CBD, we recommend starting with a smaller dose and building gradually. Shop the Lord Jones holiday boxes below, because naughty or nice, everyone needs a vice!