Salmon is one of those protein foods that you already know is good for you. But do you know just how good? Here, study up:
Salmon packs some pretty serious protein (25g per serving), yet it’s low in the unhealthy saturated fat that plagues many other hardcore protein sources.
Salmon also protects against heart disease, thanks to omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to do everything from decrease triglyceride levels to lower blood pressure.
Some even call salmon a “brain food"—research has shown the fatty acids DHA and EPA may boost your memory and cognition.
So what should you buy at the grocery store? “Fresh is great if you can get it,” but no sweat—frozen varieties work too, says nutritionist and healthy cooking expert Robyn Youkilis. She just advises that you—if you can get fresh salmon—look for varieties harvested as close to home as possible, and opt for wild salmon over the farmed kind. (Believe it or not, wild has a 20% higher protein count.)
Like most fatty fish, salmon does contain mercury, but you can safely eat it twice a week. (Whew.) So here are six easy ways to prep it—try them all this month and cash in on the benefits.
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